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Relocating From UK To The Sunny Caribbean

I’m 36 years old, originally from the UK, soon relocating to the sunny Caribbean thanks to CarbonCopyPRO. After 13 years making other people rich in the corporate world , I decided to set free my entrepreneurial spirit with MLM. 4 years later I realized that I had been riding the slowest horse in town with MLM, so I jumped onboard with CarbonCopyPRO and made over $10,000 in my first month. It’s my honor to serve other entrepreneurs as part of the Millionaire Mastermind Group. As a marketer, I love Web 2.0 and especially video marketing, Youtube and Facebook. My greatest passion is teaching and empowering other entrepreneurs to think bigger than they ever did, become leaders and play their greatest game. Like Edison said “We would literally astound ourselves if we did what we were really capable of”. I look forward to helping YOU create that extraordinary life you deserve.

-Gregg, Caribbean   *Legal Income Disclaimer

How Fast Is It To Set Up Everything?

Question: How fast is it to set up everything with CarbonCopyPRO? Great question and one that I had when I was first introduced to CCPRO just over one year ago. I had 11 years in sales experience working for one of the largest mutual fund companies in the industry, but had no internet marketing or website design background. I was able to set-up my system in just a few hours and started seeing results within days using just one of the marketing strategies taught in the CarbonCopyPRO Business in a Box. So the simple truth is... it's lightning fast to setup YOUR own PRO business.

-Steve, UT   *Legal Income Disclaimer

I Was Able To Earn As Much Money In My 'First Year'...

"I spent almost 10 years in the Financial Services industry and I was my firm's first Million Dollar producer but I eventually began to hate the industry over time." "I left all together due to the politics, conflicts of interest and the outright manipulation that has taken over these days."

"Boy am I glad I made that decision 2 years ago because this industry - the Direct Marketing / Direct Sales industry, is creating more wealth than EVERY other industry in North America right now, yet most don't know even know it ...yet. "

"With THIS unique business model and this EXACT marketing system I was able to earn as much money in my "first year" as I did in my best years in the Financial Services industry as a top producer. After 10 years in the Financial Services industry, I let my licenses expire; I will no longer need them any more. Thank you CarbonCopyPRO!"

-Andrew, FL   *Legal Income Disclaimer

I Was Looking For A Career Change

After 20 successful years working in the live Music Industry working long hours and a fair amount of traveling I was looking for a career change that allowed me to be home based, spending more time with my family while also offering the potential to generate an income that would satisfy the life I had become accustomed to... Thank you Jay, Aaron and CarbonCopyPRO for allowing that and more.

-John, UK   *Legal Income Disclaimer

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Raven K Starre
When I was 5 years old, my mom told me that happiness was the key to life. When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down “happy.” They told me I didn’t understand the assignment and I told them they didn’t understand life -


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Las Vegas, Nevada