If You Are In MLM, Have You Committed Any Of These Seven Deadly 'Sins'...?
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Sin#1:Purchasing expensive,dead-beat leads from your company's lead vendors -- when you SHOULD be generating your own, high-quality leads completely FREE of charge.

Sin#2: Alienating your family and friends by constantly pitching your opportunity to them -- when you SHOULD have qualified prospects contacting you on a daily basis, credit card in hand, ready to join you in your business.

Sin#3: Spending all your time on the phone, conducting home meetings and/or prospecting strangers in shopping malls -- when you SHOULD have a leveraged, automated system in place that does all the telling and selling for you...even when you're not there.

Sin#4: Not monetizing your leads properly -- when you SHOULDbe making money off of your prospects for years to come...even if they neverjoin you in your primary business...

Sin#5: 'Baby-sitting' your downline distributors -- when you SHOULD be working only with serious, driven entrepreneurs; people who aren't out to make objections or excuses.

Sin#6: Trying to build an organization of thousands -- when the TRUTH is that all you need to retire wealthy within a few years is a handful of the RIGHTpeople.

Sin#7: Hardly scraping by -- when,if you do your business right, you SHOULD be making money in your sleep.

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