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The Top 10 Most Frequently Asked CCPro Questions....

What is CCPro?

If you are like me and have tried traditional network marketing and are looking for new ways to generate income through the internet, you have come to the right place.

A lot of people ask me, what is CarbonCopyPRO and how do you generate leads and make money on the internet?

So let me cut to the chase, CarbonCopyPRO is a cutting edge, education platform designed to be used as a System to help people like me learn how to use the top of the line, tips, tactics and strategies taught by industry leaders using social media marketing, web 2.0, video marketing, branding, positioning and more; this platform is comprised of the best training in the world, industry gurus teach the hottest webinars and have shown me how to plug in and follow the simple and easy steps within the system to become successful.

What Is The CCPro Product?

CarbonCopyPRO is the best, most remarkable, estude marketing systems in the world.

Carbon Copy PRO is partnered with Wealth Masters International (WMI). There are two components to the system, the CCPRO Marketing System and the Products that move through the system and sell to make you money.

Together this partnership offers an enormous opportunity to becoming financially independent.

WMI is a top tier direct selling company that offers the most powerful financial education tools you can find. Even if you have a tax accountant or financial planner, you cannot put a price on this valuable information; you can be educated and build your business foundation from home and write your own paychecks.

You will learn how to increase your cash flow, build your financial blueprint by planning your business out for 5 years, you will learn tax strategies, tax planning, asset protection, estate planning, life insurance, how to re-build credit, debt consolidate, how to become debt free and more. The tools will enable your to be a Master Consultant and to Master the skills within the opportunity.


How Do I Make Money In CCPro?

By driving leads to your CarbonCopyPRO sales funnel, you make money by positioning yourself within the top tier model of the wmi product line to recieve between $1,000 - $10,000. Their are three products, Master Consultant 1, 2 and 3; the higher you position yourself the more income potential you have in earning BIG commissions.

What do you get paid in CarbonCopyPRO?...

Depending on your desire level and your time, you can make great money within the first 7 days. I have seen people make $1,000 in their first week depending on how quickly that person learns and implements their work. I
Individual results vary but with little to no experience in the industry, there are so many people achieving incredible success in as little as 7-30 days. The system helps to sort and sell the WMI partner products, making it easy to attain your income goals.

The most dynamic part of the system is how quickly you get paid on the WMI products. It is called G.P.T. otherwise known as "Get Paid Today"... literally you get paid first before the company, it is really awesome; no waiting 2 weeks or a month to get paid on your work. 

Why Do I Need To Submit An Application To Be A Member of CCPro?

I get a lot of people asking me, Jodi, why do I need to submit an application to be a member of CarbonCopyPRO?

The application process is in place so that those who come on board as members of CarbonCopyPRO are accepted as "serious entrepreneurs".  This is something to feel really great about because it shows that my friends, Jay Kubassek & Aaron Parkinson, founders of CCPRO take this process very seriously and are looking for individuals who are serious about changing their life and helping others.  It is their Mission by the year of 2012 to create 100 millionaires, so they ought to be real serious and they are!
                       Carbon Copy PRO helps you generate the application leads for you
                                   and then filters and qualifies on autopilot

Carbon Copy PRO has an in-house call center to assist in eliminating selling and telling; once the application sale is made, the money is then deposited into your account. This cutting edge system makes it easy for those who are new to Online Marketing by receiving the same level of treatment as those that are seasoned; it completely takes out having to explain or get into an uncomfortable situation on the phone with applicants when you or someone from your team is new. So In a nut shell... Carbon Copy PRO wants you to focus on building your business hassle free.

Take the next step and move forward with the application, simply fill out the questions openly and honestly and you will hear back immediately through the email system.  You have nothing to lose, if it is not for you or for any reason you are declined, you will still receive an awesome DVD with Master Marketer, Mike Dillard interviewing CEO and Founder of CCPRO, Jay Kubassek; that in itself is worth every penny. Check it out by clicking on the link below... I look forward to talking to you soon.  Thanks for stopping by!

Do I Need To Have Internet or Computer Skills?

 To become an Online Marketer, it doesn't require a lot of skills to get started, the main thing you need to get started is a computer.

People ask me all the time, Do I Need To Have Internet or Computer Skills To Be Successful in CCPRO?, the answer is no you do not, all it takes is the desire to want to learn something new and time to learn the skills to master your a specific niche.

CCPRO is an advanced educational platform that will help you get set up and learn the skills to become successful.
As you begin to learn, you start to implement and then just continue to repeat the process and get really good at it.  Start with whatever skill set you have and come on board, you won't be alone, trust me... I was there to.  If you are ready to take the next step, the possibilities are endless... After all, that is what I did and it has literally changed my life. 

Approximately 1 Million people join the Internet daily to find new information and search for opportunities to make money.  The Internet is the wave of the future and Carbon Copy PRO has created a proven system to help educate and change lives around the world.

Baby Boomers are flocking to the Internet; this is by far the biggest group of people using and dominating Internet Marketing. Men and Women, 35-65 years of age are getting computers, getting online and learning new skill sets to be able to work from home and create financial freedom.

So many people are desperate to find a new career, replace their income, continue to support their lifestyle and plan for their future; some are even coming out of retirement to seek out new opportunities.  Many have found CCPRO and are now a huge success story.

Just so you know, this is the real deal, if you get started and later change your mind, don't worry, Carbon Copy PRO will refund 100% of your money within 30, no questions asked.

If you are still not sure, you are normal but I can assure you if you let your guard down, all things are possible and you have nothing to lose. The system will teach you everything you need to know. If you are ready to take the next step and fill out the application, simply click on the link below and it will take you directly to the app.  From there we will get connected.

Carbon Copy Pro Live Marketing Event
Lake Tahoe - March 26, 2009

A Spectacular Event....

This event was such a change from traditional MLM company events I've attended over my 20 year network marketing businesses.

It was only a year ago that I was selling homes, making earning a 6-figure income.  I remember thinking I would be in real estate for the rest of my career.  Then as we all know the market crashed. 

I began my search for a new career mid 2008.  After many hours of researching "get rich quick" schemes and spending thousands of dollars I found MLMleadSystem Pro and Mike Dillard's book; Building on a Budget.  I read that particular book because I had nearly exhausted all my savings and needed to learn the no cost marketing strategies. That one book changed my business.  I now work from home in my pajamas, and live the life most people only dream about.

So back to the event....

In March 2009, Jodi and I flew to Reno to this spectacular event to learn more tips and marketing strategies from the Marketing Experts. 

The room was filled with like-minded positive thinking entrepreneurs. What I loved most is; they are all regular people like you and me who make a living working from home.  They were approachable and willing to share their tips and strategies.  I felt as though I had walked into a room of friends. 

 We've  Got A Million Dollar Game Plan, what's yours?

Founder and President

Aaron ...

Since 2004, and the launch of CarbonCopyPRO, Aaron Parkinson has emerged as one of the most dynamic and sought after Internet marketing educators in an increasingly competitive field that he, himself, helped to create.

A former nightclub bouncer, the 31 year-old entrepreneur and husband harnessed a passion to improve himself and to improve the world that was inspired by his daughter, Soleil, and his son, Everest. He is integral to the CCPro initiative that teaches people how to help themselves and has transformed the home-based, direct sales market.

Aaron is just as committed to supporting underprivileged children as he is to educating fellow entrepreneurs. He currently feeds, clothes and educates 50 children around the world through the Christian Children's Fund. A regular participant in the World Series of Poker and an avid supporter of Mixed Martial Arts (he fought for ten years in mixed martial arts competitions), Aaron currently lives with his beautiful wife Liz half of the year in Canada and the other half in the Cayman Islands.


David S., Member of the CCPro Millionaire Mastermind Group.

Having helped thousands of entrepreneurs around the world implement his "irrefutable" techniques, David Schwind's uncanny approach to marketing has already altered the landscape of today's work-at-home arena.

With a unique expertise in network marketing, internet marketing, and copy writing; with a subsidiary emphasis in influence and hypnotic persuasion, he's quickly developed his "own-breed" of marketing skills, that have already shown to be evolutionary...

Cherie Yvette and The Urban Cowgirls

The Cowgirls, Jodi and myself are showing the boys are guns are on fire, us girls won't go down without a ambush gun fight.  Jodi and I are now armed with our guns and ready to fire; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly to take those boys down and dominate Google in the first position.   Nothing will stop these cowgirls from ambushing even the toughest Marketing Cowboys.  The fast and furious boys will be wishin' they never ran into these 2 women gun slingers.  The gun fight is on boys.... look out!


In four years, Canadian-born entrepreneur Jay  went from selling mufflers at a Midas franchise to revolutionizing Internet marketing with the 2004 launch of CarbonCopyPRO, a proprietary online marketing education company, now worth over $15 million.

Jay's entrepreneurial spirit is irrepressible. He’s the owner of five companies, a professional speaker and trainer, international real estate developer/investor, executive film producer, extreme sport enthusiast and emerging philanthropist.

2008 represents a high-water mark in Jay's oeuvre. In addition to the BiB launch, Chelsea on the Rocks, his first exec-produced film, debuted at the Cannes Film Festival to solid reviews. He was a lead driver in the 2008 Baja 1000 off-road race. And, in December of '08, his team won the silver medal in the WorldElephant Polo Association championships in southern Nepal.

Jay resides in NYC with his girlfriend Jamie, three year old son Milo and dog Cooper.

Senior Vice President of Marketing


Andrew graduated from Hofstra University in New York with a degree in Business Administration (BBA). He went on to spend ten years in the Financial Services industry in both Investment Banking and Mortgage Banking.

He is the Senior Vice President of Marketing with CarbonCopyPRO and is a member of the Millionaire Mastermind Group. He is also Vice President of Business Development with Wealth Masters International and serves on the company's Executive Committee.

Lena & Sam...

Kodak Moments Can Be Anywhere....

Lena, My friend and sponsor and friend!  When I was surfing the internet I was intrigued by Lena's story which I have now I know as "Magnetic Sponsoring".  We are drawn to people we are like through the power of the internet.  It's been a blessing to work with people I "choose" to work with and along side of.  It was this event that I got to meet Lena in person.  Lena is truly a blessing in my life.

The Fearless Four...

Brian "Mr. Google-It"
Todd "Software Genius"  
Norbert "Mastermind Pro"
Cindy "Gate Keeper"


Global Wealth Marketing
Las Vegas, Nevada